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National Atlas May 7, 2006

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Seems like a cool site with good reference maps.



FREE Seed Magazine! May 6, 2006

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seed mag

Hey you science fans! I found this deal on Cheap Stingy Bargains site today, one FREE year subscription with an option to get the second year for $1.99! Can't go wrong with that price!

Seed's website is definitely worth a read as well.

Living Green Expo May 6, 2006

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Tomorrow we are planning to go to The Living Green Expo at the Minnesota state fairgrounds. It's an annual event focusing on how to have an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. There are over 230 exhibits, music, and some good speakers as well, for FREE. I am planning on being there when Will Steger talks about global warming.

Wikocracy – A Wiki For The People May 6, 2006

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Ok this is an interesting site this one. Apparently Wikocracy is a wiki created as a test to see what happens when real laws are edited online by "the people" in the same way the wikipedia is. I'm not sure what the ultimate goal of it really is but could be interesting to see how it ends up.

Earth Day Footprint Quiz April 26, 2006

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Take this quiz its quite a shocker. I thought I was doing alright compared to most people as far as living green. I guess I have a long way to go. My quiz result was 27. Thats 27 acres needed to sustain my lifestyle. If everyone on the planet lived the same lifestyle as me it would take 6.2 planet Earths! Yikes!!!

Take the quiz here… www.myfootprint.org

Quote April 12, 2006

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"The Truth is far more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction".

Art Not Oil April 4, 2006

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Check this out! www.artnotoil.org.uk/

Homeless March 27, 2006

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This wonderful flickr gallery captures various homeless people in their lives on the street. I really liked that the photographer took the time to get to know his subjects rather than just stealing a quick picture. Be sure to read the descriptions below the photos. Even the titles evoke a bit of emotion. These photos and their descriptions help to remind us that these are real people and that many of them were and are just like you and me.

There is something just so honest and touching about these photos. Some of them are clearly serious and perhaps sad, while others are lighter and more fun. I almost start to wonder who should be sorry for whom.

Besides the excellent subject matter, I should mention that the photos themselves are worthy of notice with incredible detail and contrast.

If your feeling the way I am from these photos perhaps you should pay a visit to my favorite charitable organization website Oxfam.

Cruise Industry – Behind the Scenes March 18, 2006

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Most people are perfectly content to just relax, zone out, and generally ignore the rest of the world when on a vacation, while others like myself think about whats going on around them. As mentioned in a previouse posting, we have recently planned a cruise for next March, and being the way I am I have been scouring websites far and wide for information, tips, and for just about anything else related to cruises. Well I came upon this unique blog in my searches, its a by a Princess ship employee. He just started blogging a few weeks ago but has already put up some great stuff. Its kind of an insider/behind the scenes look at what goes on around a cruise ship and the industry as a whole. As I read his postings I could not help but fantisize about how fun it would be to be able to work aboard a ship and get to see the world; all be it for six long months away from home at a time.

Crew and unusual punishment blog

mikesstuff.org – live webcam March 17, 2006

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I picked up a Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX on the cheap from Amazon.com so I installed this cool software witch serves as a webcam server. Just playing around with it right now, so it may very well be turned off when you try to access it. Be sure to see the gallery though if you can. I had some fun with that.
See if I’m at my computer!

The camera i bought

The software I use to host my webcam